The Law Office of Elise Vasquez offers a broad range of employment law and business and commercial legal services.

Labor & Employment Counseling & Litigation

Labor & Employment Counseling

Elise performs comprehensive reviews of employment-related documents (job descriptions, employee classifications, offer letters, employee handbooks, etc.), employment policies and practices to ensure compliance with Federal and State law. Her goal is to minimize employee-related problems and avoid costly and time-consuming employment-related litigation.

Elise drafts employee handbooks and individual policies and procedures. She advises on overtime and other wage hour issues, medical leaves of absence, particularly maternity leave and the Family and Medical Leave Act, and discrimination, harassment and retaliation issues.

Elise counsels in employment termination decisions made by clients. She advises on any potential wrongful termination issues. She provides guidance to clients for severance negotiations and Reductions-In-Force.

Labor & Employment Litigation

Elise has extensive experience in litigating claims for wrongful termination, discrimination (age, race, national origin, disability, sex, religion, pregnancy), harassment, retaliation complaints, allegations of violations of FMLA and CFRA, wage hour claims in both Federal and State Court. In addition to court experience, up to and including jury trials, Elise provides advice and representation for pending disputes with current or former employees before governmental agencies, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the Labor Commission and the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, the EDD and the National Labor Relations Board.

HR Investigations (Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and Wrongful/Abusive Conduct in the Workplace)

The Law Offices of Elise Vasquez conducts timely and thorough investigations of allegations of harassment and other misconduct in the workplace. Use of an outside and independent investigator is especially important when allegations are serious or allegations are against high-level management.

Mandatory Sexual Harassment/Abusive Conduct Prevention Training

The Law Offices of Elise Vasquez provides sexual harassment/abusive conduct prevention training. This training satisfies all California State requirements.

Business and Commercial Litigation

Elise’s business and commercial litigation expertise includes providing pre-litigation advice and representing clients in business disputes in jury trials, court trials, binding arbitrations, mediations, and alternative dispute resolution).

Her commercial litigation practice includes: Commercial contract disputes; unfair business practices; intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets); labor and employment law disputes (including wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment); false advertising.